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Mutant Trawlers

Embark on an electrifying adventure in Mutant Trawlers, set against the eerie backdrop of a once-serene lake, now transformed by the leaking influence of a neighbouring nuclear plant. The lake has morphed it’s inhabitants into an array of bizarre, glowing fish, creating a neon-lit underwater world. Come along and cast your lines into the radioactive waters.

Mutant Trawlers offers a captivating 5×3 reel experience with 243 ways to win, enriched by the Trawlers Respin feature. Watch as humble fishing boats transform into formidable trawlers, each catch amplifying your rewards with increasing multipliers. Experience a world where the ordinary is reimagined into the extraordinary, and every spin is a dive into a mutated aquatic adventure.


MUTANT CASH – Land a boat above the reel to collect the Mutant Cash prizes to enhance your wins!

TRAWLERS RESPIN– Ignite a chain of respins where your multipliers increase and Trawlers reel in EVERY Mutant Cash symbol on the reel!

FREE SPINS – Landing 3-5 bonus scatters to trigger Free Spins where the Trawlers multiplier does not reset giving a treasure trove of wins!

  • Trawler Respins create mind-blowing win streaks with huge win potential.
  • Multiple ways to collect cash prizes.
  • A quirky twist to a Fishing theme delivers a high-energy gaming experience with polished visuals, animation and audio!
  • BUY BONUS available, which has a GAMBLE feature
  • BONUS BOOST a 50% stake premium allows players to double their chance of hitting the bonus
  • Players who enjoy unique themes
  • Players who enjoy respin and multiplier games
  • Players who like to cash on reels games
  • Players who enjoy medium-high volatility games
  • Platform: Yggdrasil
  • Date: May 16th 2024