We’re still working on the best way to provide you with playable demos here for our games. In the mean time, you can find playable demos of most of our games on the distributor sites:

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Where can I play your games?

You can play our games at over 150 online casinos around the world, we are live in all regulated jurisdictions. Or you can play most of them in demo mode from the GAMES page here on our site.

Do you take or settle bets directly?

No, under no circumstances do we ever accept or settle bets directly. We do not run any gambling or wallet software, we create and licence games to the iGaming industry.

I got a stuck game round on one of your games, what can you do about it?

Although we take great care and immense pride that our games are consistently considered amongst the most stable, reliable and thoroughly tested in the market, occasionally the odd. bug can slip through. If you are experiencing a problem with one of our games your first port of call is to contact your casino operator who will resolve the problem. On occasion the issue may be escalated to us and we will investigate.

Rest assured though, our game engines calculate winnings and losses for an entire game round at the moment you click the spin button, so you will not have lost out on any potential winnings, even if you got stuck during a bonus game.

I'm an operator and I'd like to run a promotion on one of your games, what should I do?

This is great news! We love to support casino operators with promotional campaigns and any other B2C marketing activity. In the first instance please contact your account manager at the platform, they will reach out to us – if you’re not getting any joy there then feel free to drop us a message either here via the site or look us up on LinkedIn!

I run or edit an affiliate or review site, can I get an asset pack or any previews on your upcoming releases?

Yes! There are a number of things we can do to support you and your website, from sending asset packs to giving you advance previews, and in some cases we may even be able to run promotions for your readership!

Please get in touch by either sending us a mail via this site, or reach out on LinkedIn – thanks!