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Ancient Eclipse


Ancient Civilisations were deeply connected to the powers of the Sun and the Moon. The most powerful time of all was during a full solar eclipse. Harness the power those great celestial gods in this exciting debut slot game from Bang Bang Games!

Land MOON symbols on the reels and they will transform into sticky SUN FRAMES, allowing you to build up more and more over the reels. When the MOON and SUN FRAMES come together in the same spin, they form an ECLIPSE, which turns all the collected frames into SUN WILD symbols, giving huge win potential as the power of the SUN WILD symbols sweeps across the reels!

Will you shoot for the stars and feel a powerful connection with a bygone civilisation?

Wild Eclipse

This game is all about the ECLIPSE.  Sun Frames are collected frequently, but will the celestial gods smile on you and grant multiple eclipses with high symbol combinations? When the “bases are loaded” the excitement runs through every new spin!

Land MOON symbols and they will transform into special, golden SUN FRAMES. These frames will remain on screen until an Eclipse is triggered…
Land a Moon symbol in a Sun Frame to trigger and ECLIPSE! The power of the eclipse will transform ALL Sun Frame positions WILD!
Moons are stacked on the reels, and multiple eclipses on the same spin will multiply the win by x1 for each additional eclipse for huge wins!
Sticky Suns Free Spins

Sticky Suns Free Spins are triggered by landing Warrior symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. Ten spins will initially be awarded, but additional spins can be triggered during the bonus.

During the bonus, Sun Frames are sticky and will not clear after an eclipse, meaning the bonus can build to an exciting crescendo as more and more frames are collected! In addition, Sun Frames collected before the scatter trigger will carry over into free spins, to give the bonus a potentially huge initial boost!

The reels are loaded with many more moons and landing them not only leaves a new Sun Frame, but also awards +1 free spin.





  • Feature Gamble: No
  • Buy Bonus: No
  • Bonus Boost: No